Who is elizabeth olsen dating

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Whatever may be the relationship of Elizabeth and Tom, we are pretty sure about their commitment as friends and wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

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They then confirmed their relationship with a kiss while on a double date at Madison Square Garden for a New York Knicks basketball game with Ashley's twin sister Mary-Kate and her husband Olivier Sarkozy.It is reported that the two are having a great time together, and are constantly spotted hand in hand.It looks like star might have found her perfect match —and the Milo Greene singer is just as smitten with her!In an interview, the NBA star revealed that he listens to their song “1957” before every game.Well, the feeling’s mutual as the band admitted to being huge fans of the basketball player, and couldn’t believe it when they saw that he ordered their vinyl record.The 26-year-old actress, Elizabeth Olsen, has a very good chemistry with Tom Hiddleston. They have been reported hanging out with each other more than once which might be the reason behind all the speculations of them being in a relationship.

Tom Hiddleston is an actor, producer, and a musical performer; has starred in the movie "Thor" as Loki. Not only that, in the recently released biographical movie “ about them being seen together to which she said that it was all a mere coincidence and there was nothing more than that.

His Instagram posts are all about movies, and some sly references to his connection with the movie posters as well.

Arnett is already on stage, so it might be time we see him on the silver screen too! J Redick has announced himself as Milo Greene’s number one fan.

The former couple also attended Ashley's friend's wedding in Mangawhai, New Zealand last month.

Meanwhile, Ashley's younger sister Elizabeth Olsen has sparked rumours she is dating singer/songwriter Robbie Arnett after they were photographed walking hand-in-hand in New York earlier this week.

Apart from touring across the country and recording some amazing tracks, Robbie Arnett has also captured Scarlet Witch’s heart.

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